You can create commands that will execute once an event is triggered either by a user action or by WooCommerce. For example, with Uncanny Automator, you can automatically create a new customer account once someone fills a form on your website. Ordinarily, these would be two separate actions.

Using an automation plugin like Uncanny Automator not only saves you some time, but also offers a better user experience to your customers.

Uncanny Automator Pricing

  • Pro (for one website) – $149
  • Business (for 10 websites)  – $249
  • Unlimited (for unlimited use) – $299

3. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist


How PayEm Addresses Risks Posed By P2P

Inadequate Data Governance

Tracking data and keeping it updated in real-time isn’t just crucial for procurement, but rather a broader element in a complex legal framework, namely Sarbanes-Oxley or SOX. If a company’s P2P systems are not adequately updating or archiving data – for the sake of lawsuits or audits – then the company as a whole could violate federal law.

When even a shadow of SOX risk presents itself, responsible companies need to adopt new solutions quickly, or else they need to prepare for the unemployment line. Along with its SOC II compliant designation, PayEm, by its very nature, should ease SOX concerns for its users on the grounds of human error, fraud, and other potential pitfalls outlined previously.

From P2P to R2R

Though PayEm’s connected finance platform can resolve many risks posed by a P2P procurement ecosystem, the fact remains that P2P is inherently a limited and outmoded procurement method. Sure, requisition, approval, and PO creation remain essential, but not at the expense of other elements that have become equally so in recent years.

That’s why PayEm has done away with the P2P moniker, opting instead for R2R or request-to-reconciliation. Taking a much broader view than P2P, R2R includes elements preceding and following the three parts of procure-to-pay, thereby expanding the total to seven. The four new actions included by R2R are as follows:

  • Request, preceding requisition, in which employees request funds
  • Payment Method, following PO creation, in which a vendor card is issued or bank account details entered
  • Transaction, following payment method, in which the planned transaction takes place within budgetary limits
  • Reconciliation, following transaction, in which transaction information is matched with invoice submissions, then synced with the company’s ERP or accounting software

Just as the FinTech industry has evolved in recent years, so too must procurement. With so many risks associated with P2P, the dynamic needs to change, and R2R is here to meet the challenge. For all inquiries, procurement-related or otherwise, PayEm’s experts are available to offer a comprehensive, no-cost demo of the platform.


Green Ideas On Your Outdoor Spaces

Do you want to have an eco-friendly backyard? Try these green makeover tips in your outdoor spaces

Outdoor living areas are necessary in everyday life. Many households are surrounded with beautiful lawns and spaces, but they aren’t actually livable. Many individuals strive for attractive house interiors but neglect the value of outdoor living areas.

Spending time outside has been shown to boost both mental and physical wellness. People who spend a good deal of time outside are more likely to be happy and healthy throughout their lives. Also, an attractive, eco-friendly backyard will not only give you a beautiful house view, but it will also encourage your family to spend more time outside and breathe fresh air.

Equipment like cleaning sprays, paints, varnish, pesticides, grease, solvent removers, and aerosol sprays, on the other hand, may include dangerous compounds that contaminate the outdoor air. As a result, it is critical to avoid using them in enhancing your exterior spaces so that the changes you bring about are done in an environmentally responsible way.

So, here are some unique ideas to green your outdoor spaces effectively and in a sustainable manner.

Use eco-friendly tools and materials 

When it comes to gardening equipment, there are several eco-friendly solutions available.

Electric lawn mowers and leaf blowers are a wonderful choice because they use significantly less energy and are not powered by gasoline. In fact, the average mower emits 87 pounds of CO2, thus investing in an electric mower may significantly minimize your carbon impact. Push-powered mowers and battery-powered edgers and trimmers are also wonderful eco-friendly options to consider.

This said, be aware that the benefits from using electric equipment for gardening may be limited if electricity in your community is generated in a non-sustainable manner from coal or fossil fuels. Emissions saved when using them in your backyard were actually spent earlier to produce the energy you need to run them. Ideally, energy should be obtained from green resources (hydroelectric, wind power, solar power). If not, you might consider installing solar panels on your roof or turn to other green energy sources that may be subsidized in your community.   

For your next exterior deck project, consider using recycled or reclaimed wood from other buildings if you are thinking about adding a wood deck. Many lumber yards have suppliers who offer a wide range of salvaged and recycled wood for your outdoor home projects. Concrete, wrought iron, and even railroad ties are becoming popular outdoor building materials. You’ll be astonished at how unique green materials may improve your garden or DIY outdoor home project.

Build a natural oasis

Build a sustainable natural pool in your backyard if you wish to have a swimming pool. 

This assumes of course that you have access to an unlimited source of water like a nearby stream or groundwater-fed pond. However, even if you are so lucky, with climate change causing global warming and accelerated changes in weather patterns, water may grow scarce over the years and you should probably plan on having some sort of reserve tank to conserve water.

Natural pools do not need the use of harsh chemicals such as chlorine, making them beneficial for both you and the environment. Additionally, because their regular maintenance expenses are substantially cheaper, they save you time and money. 

Natural pools may also be designed to fit in with the rest of your yard’s landscaping, allowing you to create a lovely eco-friendly oasis. 

Natural soil creation for landscaping

Every season, many homeowners spend a lot at their local nursery or home improvement store on mulch, soil, and other gardening materials. 

Instead of buying all of your ground cover and soil, consider creating a composting pile in your garden from food leftovers and remains. This helps to build nutrient-rich soil, keeps landfills clean of food waste, and your plants will grow more plentiful and attractive as a result.

Eco-friendly outdoor furniture is a must

Don’t forget about your leisure zones – patio and garden furniture – while greening your outdoor home. 

Try getting patio furniture from a garage sale and repainting it to give it a fresh look, or check for Forest Steward Council (FSC) certified wood or recycled plastics. Your outdoor living space should be comfortable and peaceful, but it should also be mindful of the Earth’s resources.